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Spaceflight Institute™

In July of 2001, Volanz Aerospace began holding a Spaceflight Institute camp program in Upper Marlboro which proved to be highly successful. The camp has since expanded to offer programs in Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and throughout Southern Maryland.

These programs foster learning and academic excellence by working with students to create a safe, fulfilling, and academically enriching environment for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Volanz plans to hold camps in DC and Virginia, as well as expanding to other states over the next few years.

Students follow a training curriculum patterned after NASA’s Astronaut training program, and learn about space technology, with an emphasis on science, technology, language, mathematics, geography, and team work. Students conduct experiments on a wide variety of science and space-related topics.

Spaceflight Institute™ offers an intensive program of learning, confidence building, and teamwork within a space motif. Spaceflight Institute™ brings to life the importance of math and science, builds confidence through genuine opportunities for achievement, and offers a fun and stimulating place for kids to learn and grow.

Spaceflight Institute™ is designed for students with a high interest in the area of space exploration. The institute is organized into multiple levels of achievement with each level having its own set of skills and objectives. Students will experience the complex processes, procedures, and functions involved in planning, completing, and evaluating spaceflight operations.