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Spaceflight Institute™

Spaceflight Institute™ offers an intensive program of learning, confidence building, and teamwork within a space motif.  Spaceflight Institute™ brings to life the importance of math and science, builds confidence through genuine opportunities for achievement, and offers a fun and stimulating place for kids to learn and grow.  The institute can be an initial experience for beginning students or a continuation of space science studies for those who have already completed one or more summers.

Spaceflight Institute ™ is designed for students with a high interest in the area of space exploration. The institute is organized into multiple levels of achievement with each level having its own set of skills and objectives. Space Flight certificates are awarded upon the completion of the two-week program.

To be successful students should:

  1. Be interested in America's space program,

  2. Be capable of working independently, or as part of a team.

Spaceflight Institute™ offers a unique model of instruction where students are immersed with their crews in space studies. Reality-based processes and procedures of America's space program are integrated into the program, including the use of actual NASA training and simulation software, which give the student a unique educational experience.

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